Switzerland: Facts and Fancies

  Switzerland on a map looks similar to the USA but is much
much smaller. You can drive accross the whole country in
one day! About 7 million people live there.

Switzerland had NATURAL border protection during the
old wars - with its high monuntains, lakes and rivers
it could hide its citizens inside its montains.

Politically Switzerland is neutral, and it has an interest
in many International activities.

The different colors on the map represent the Cantons,
each having its own flag. You can see the Canton flags
on the pages of ISIDOR. 

And please click here to see a bigger map of Switzerland
and all those colorful Canton flags!

  Grandparents and children, here are some links for you to take a 'virtual' tour of Switzerland.  Some sites are not written in English - but you can click a button to have them translated.
Maps, Flags & more
Another Swiss map,
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Let's start with a 3 minute ride along the road from Alaveneu to Lenzerheide.

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In the city of St Gallen, the public celebrates children by having a Kinderfest a festival where all the girls (in my time) dressed in famously beutifully embroidered white linen dresses, while the boys dressed in navy suits. Today all ten thousand children may wear a T-shirt instead. Then and now the whole city joins in a musical parade and later all ten thousand children participate in a coordinated performance, on a big field of green grass under a blue June sky. It's great to hear hundreds of musical bands, eat good food and join in these merriments every three years. The grilled St. Galler Bratwurscht on a special crisp roll is hard to resist, as is the ‘flade’ a piece of fruit pie (the size of pizza) is the perfect lunch.

During Swiss festivals people often dress in traditional costumes and cows wear big paper flowers and colorful neck bands to carry shiny bells. These neckbands are beutifully crafted with the most intricate patterns and farmers show proudly which cow was the biggest milk producer that year in the alps. A special Sunday tradition is set aside for when the cows and goats acend to the alps, and returning a few month later, looking perfectly groomed, always walking on the right side of the road.

Switzerland is where they make real Emmental Swiss cheese, the one with the big holes in it. The same wholesome milk is used to make the best Swiss chocolate.

In the cities people manufacture the world's most accurate Swiss watches. This accuracy is shown in the way trains always leave EXACTLY on time. You can set your time by it.

For the August 1st national festivities, the Swiss build bonfires on high mountain tops so they can be seen from far away and remind everyone to honor history and appreciate their freedom, peace and harmony.

In olden days when war broke out all over Europe, the swiss used the same fires to remind all its citicens to stand ready to protect their country from intruders.


  Now there in Switzerland, the small country, in the middle of Europe, people from all over the world go to for the best vacations all year long.

Many ride on trains, always leaving on time!
Some tourists use buses and gondolas hanging from a wire going way up to the touch the sky.

Some drive through the many long tunnels while others walk right up over the mountain top on foot tp play a musical instrument for anyone to hear while still others go there just to jodel.

Others go to ski and look over the horizon.

A teepee in Switzerland? You can see a picture of it in ISIDOR. Read about making a teepee here.

If you look for Switzerland on a map, it shows up at the very top of Italy's boot.

Switzerland borders on France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein which is a very small but real principality right there in the mountains near "Heidi Land."

Do you know the Heidi story? read it - it's a good book. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heidi

Did you ever hear of the "Heidi Game"?



Find out about Globi -
the children's friend: 


Hiking along the Globi trail in Lenzerheide